Film is Not Dead Pt. 3

On our last week in Madrid, a good friend took us on a proper tour of El Rastro, the infamous Sunday flea market. He helped me secure a vintage Olmpus Pen EE2 half-frame camera. I took 72 shot as fast as I can so I could get it developed and make sure it was working. This new old camera is a keeper and I hope it doesn’t break down on me anytime soon. 

Featured on @Cartogramme

I was recently featured on Cartogramme, an Instragram account managed by CN Traveler contributing editor Ashlea Halpern. She strung together some lovely words that would make any photographer’s day. Here they are –

Meet Jenny Peñas, a.k.a. @jeanina, our newest #FollowFriday crush. The Madrid-based Filipina photographer has worked as a photo editor, art director, theater usher, English teacher, and waitress. One can only imagine how those varied experiences have framed her eye for detail. Her shots have a quirky and unexpected beauty. One moment it’s a rooster strutting in a Moroccan medina, the next a busker playing Sinatra for no one, and the next a @natgeotravel-worthy sunset fishing scene in the Maldives. This street art capture was taken in Seville, Spain, where an old monastery has been converted into the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art. The work itself, titled “Alice,” is by Spanish artist Cristina Lucas. Go forth, follow @jeanina, and get ready to double tap till your thumb falls off.


Thanks so much, Ashlea. 

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