Tel Aviv, the New Old City

I stayed for a few days in Tel Aviv and spent most of my time by the sea. As I walked along the shore, I could clearly see why they call it a City of Contradictions - from the “Swimming is Prohibited” signs scattered all over with no one taking any heed and from the fully clothed to barely naked. It felt like a melting pot of the old and new, the modern and the conservative.

Film is Not Dead Pt. 3

On our last week in Madrid, a good friend took us on a proper tour of El Rastro, the infamous Sunday flea market. He helped me secure a vintage Olmpus Pen EE2 half-frame camera. I took 72 shot as fast as I can so I could get it developed and make sure it was working. This new old camera is a keeper and I hope it doesn’t break down on me anytime soon. 

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